The Sentinel Drivers Club

History of The Sentinel 1923-1928

1923 June
The first ‘Super’ Sentinel waggon was produced (No. 5001). The Super Sentinel was lighter in
weight than the Standard and was cheaper to buy, due to more efficient manufacturing techniques.
It also had a patented differential built into the engine crankshaft but retained the two-cylinder double-acting engine.

1923 July
Sentinel produces its first railway locomotive (No. 5156) using Super-Sentinel engine mounted vertically and waggon boiler with chain drive to axles.

1923 August
Sentinel build prototype Super Tractor (No.5044), designed to tow trailers.

1923 November
The first articulated 6-wheeled Super Sentinel was designed and manufactured (No 5020). Twenty more were built subsequently.

1924 March
Sentinel introduced a service vehicle, the 32-seater
single-decker bus, of which only four were made. It was believed Sentinel’s own bus (No 5102) was later converted back toa waggon.

1924 June
Direct ploughing tractor introduced (No 5457) of which only five were made.

A two-speed tractor was introduced for trailer towing. (No 6168) Some 34 of these were built over next three years.

First 200 hp double-engined shunting loco built.

1925 October
The Sentinel-Roadless tractor introduced with tracked rear end for grip but solid rubber wheels at the front for steering.
(No 5794) Only 18 built over a period of 12 months.

1927 December
The first Double Geared (DG) waggon was introduced (DG6 No 7162). Overall the DG6 sold nearly double to that of the DG4.

1927 June
The ‘Rhino’ Tractor was built specifically designed for direct ploughing (No 6985) of which only eight were built.

1928 February
First Sentinel-Cammell railcar with six-cylinder single-acting engine built (No 7275) and shaft drive to the front bogie.