The Sentinel Drivers Club

History of The Sentinel 1928-1933

1928 April
The first DG4 waggon (No. 7277) was sold.

1930 May
Britains first ready-mix concrete body was supplied fitted to DG6 No 8213.

1930 July
The first DG Tractor (N0. 8216) was brought into practical service using the DG waggon engine. Only nine of these were built of which four have survived in preservation.

1929 August
The worlds first ever rigid eight-wheeler Sentinel DG8 was introduced (No 8002) of which only eight were built still with solid rubber tyres.

1930 October
First railcar with two six-cylinder engines supplied to LNER (No 7824) Phenomena.

1931 January
Shaft Drive Double Geared (SDDG4) waggon was produced
(No. 8448) with pneumatic tyres. It had an all new four-cylinder single-acting engine. This waggon fortunately still survives
in preservation.

1931 June
New lightweight DG6 on pneumatic tyres introduced (No 8554) in response to the new Road traffic Regulations which allowed a max speed of 20 mph. Pneumatic tyred DG4’s and trailers were also available

1931 July
Abner Doble, maker of the high quality American steam car, arrived at Shrewsbury to design a new revolutionary steam lorry.

1931 October
The last Super Sentinel ran off the production line (No 8608). Some 1546 having been built from June 1923.

1931 November
A shaft-driven DG6 waggon was shown at the Commercial Motor Show (No 8667). The SDDG6 was designed to be 10% lighter than that of the chain-driven models. This waggon had pneumatic tyres and steam brakes fitted to all six wheels.
Only one other SDDG6 was built. (No 8709).

1932 March
Twelve single-geared light-weight Supers were put on the market.

1932 April
Prototype “Sentinel-Doble” lorry was tested with two-cylinder compound double acting engine in-situe with the back axle.

1932 August
The new revolutionary design of an Automatic Stoker was fitted to certain DG waggons to make them one-man operated.

1933 MarchDoble engined Railbus supplied to Southern Railway (No 8740). Only four more Railbuses were built in June 1934.